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Sabro Hops: A Tropical Journey in Craft Beer


Sabro hops, known for their captivating tropical flavours and distinct aroma, have taken the craft beer world by storm. With their unique blend of coconut, tropical fruit, and citrus notes, Sabro hops add a delightful and exotic dimension to a wide range of beer styles. In this blog post, we will embark on a tropical journey to explore the enticing qualities of Sabro hops, delving into their origins, flavour attributes, and the impact they have had on the craft beer landscape.

Origins of Sabro Hops

Sabro hops were developed in the United States by the Hop Breeding Company and made their debut in 2018. Bred from a cross between a Neomexicanus hop and a classic hop variety, Sabro hops quickly gained recognition for their unique and intense flavour profile.

Unique Characteristics of Sabro Hops

Sabro hops possess a range of distinctive attributes that make them stand out in the world of hops. Here are some notable characteristics:

Coconut Paradise

Sabro hops are renowned for their coconut-like flavour and aroma. They evoke images of tropical beaches and exotic getaways with their rich and creamy coconut notes. This unique characteristic brings a delightful and indulgent element to beers brewed with Sabro hops.

Tropical Fruit Medley

Alongside the coconut, Sabro hops offer a medley of tropical fruit flavours. Expect hints of pineapple, mango, and papaya, which further enhance the tropical experience. These tropical fruit notes create a vibrant and refreshing taste profile in beers.

Citrus Twist

Sabro hops contribute a citrusy twist to their flavour profile. Notes of tangerine and citrus zest add brightness and tanginess to the beer, complementing the tropical and coconut elements with a burst of citrus freshness.

Distinctive Aroma

The aroma of Sabro hops is instantly recognizable and unique. It releases a captivating bouquet of coconut, tropical fruit, and citrus, creating an enticing olfactory experience that sets them apart from other hop varieties.

Impact on Craft Beer

Sabro hops have made a significant impact on the craft beer industry, revolutionizing the flavour profiles of various beer styles. Here are a few ways Sabro hops have left their mark:

Hazy IPAs and Pale Ales

Sabro hops are frequently used in hazy IPAs and Pale Ales, where their tropical and coconut flavours shine. They contribute to the juicy, fruity, and creamy nature of these beers, creating a luscious and indulgent drinking experience.

Fruit-forward Beers

Sabro hops are sought after for fruit-forward beer styles, as their coconut and tropical fruit qualities complement fruit additions exceptionally well. Whether it’s a fruited sour, fruit-infused ale, or tropical-inspired brew, Sabro hops enhance the overall flavour and aroma, creating a tropical paradise in each sip.

Experimental and Collaborative Brews

Sabro hops are often utilized in experimental and collaborative brews, allowing brewers to push the boundaries of flavour and create innovative beers. The distinct and captivating qualities of Sabro hops make them an excellent choice for exploring new taste experiences.

Limited Edition Releases

Many breweries release special limited edition beers featuring Sabro hops to showcase their unique characteristics. These beers provide beer enthusiasts with a chance to indulge in the tropical, coconut-infused flavours that Sabro hops offer.


Sabro hops provide a tropical journey in the craft beer world, with their distinctive coconut, tropical fruit, and citrus flavours. The enticing aroma and unique attributes of Sabro hops have made them highly sought after by brewers and beer enthusiasts alike. As you raise a glass of beer featuring Sabro hops, immerse yourself in the tropical paradise they create, and appreciate the craftsmanship and creativity that goes into brewing with these remarkable hops.