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Ekuanot Hops: Unleashing the Green Spectrum of Flavours


Ekuanot hops, also known as Equinox or HBC 366, are a modern and versatile hop variety that has taken the craft beer world by storm. With its distinctive aroma and flavour profile, Ekuanot has become a favourite among brewers looking to create unique and innovative brews. This hop variety showcases an array of green spectrum flavours, including herbal, citrusy, tropical, and spicy notes. In this blog post, we will dive into the fascinating world of Ekuanot hops, exploring their origins, characteristics, brewing applications, and the unparalleled versatility and appeal they bring to the craft beer industry.

Origins and Development

Ekuanot hops were developed by the Hop Breeding Company (HBC) and released in 2014. It was created through a cross between the Warrior, Zeus, and a wild hop variety. The goal was to produce a hop that showcased a wide range of flavours, making it suitable for various beer styles and brewing techniques. The result was Ekuanot, a hop variety that has rapidly gained popularity in the craft brewing community.

Characteristics of Ekuanot Hops

Ekuanot hops offer a remarkable array of flavours and aromas that make them stand out among other hop varieties. Let’s explore the defining characteristics of Ekuanot:

Aroma Profile

Ekuanot hops boast a captivating aroma profile with pronounced green spectrum notes. Expect to find herbal, earthy, and grassy scents that evoke the essence of the hopbine. Additionally, Ekuanot features bright citrus aromas, including hints of lime, lemon, and orange, adding a delightful burst of freshness.

Tropical and Fruity Flavors

One of the most intriguing aspects of Ekuanot is its ability to impart tropical fruit flavours to the beer. Brewers and beer enthusiasts often discover notes of melon, papaya, and guava, which contribute to a complex and enticing taste experience.

Spice and Pepper

Ekuanot hops possess subtle spice and pepper characteristics that add layers of complexity to the beer. Hints of green pepper and even a touch of cedar can be detected, elevating the hop’s versatility for both traditional and innovative beer styles.

Alpha Acids and Bitterness

Ekuanot hops typically have a moderate to high alpha acid content, which makes them suitable for imparting bitterness during the brewing process. The bitterness is balanced by the hop’s intriguing aroma and flavour profile, providing a well-rounded and enjoyable beer experience.

Brewing Applications

Ekuanot hops offer a broad range of brewing applications, making them a favourite among brewers looking to experiment with diverse flavours. Here are some ways Ekuanot hops can be used in brewing:

Aroma and Flavor Hops

Ekuanot is a perfect choice for aroma and flavour additions in the brewing process. Adding Ekuanot hops late in the boil or during whirlpooling can enhance the beer’s green spectrum aroma, bringing forth herbal, citrusy, tropical, and spicy notes.

Dry Hopping

Dry hopping with Ekuanot hops can intensify the hop’s aroma and flavour profile, allowing brewers to achieve a bold and dynamic hop character in their beer. This technique is often used in modern IPAs and hop-forward styles.


Ekuanot’s complexity makes it an excellent candidate for hop blends. Combining Ekuanot with other hop varieties can create unique and layered flavour profiles, offering a vast array of possibilities for brewers to experiment with.

Single Hop Showcases

Due to its diverse flavour spectrum, Ekuanot can be utilized in single-hop showcases, where a beer is brewed using only Ekuanot hops. This allows brewers and consumers to fully appreciate the hop’s multifaceted character.


Ekuanot hops have earned a prominent place in the world of craft brewing, captivating brewers and beer enthusiasts alike with their unique and captivating flavours. From herbal and earthy scents to tropical and citrusy notes, Ekuanot brings a cornucopia of aromas and flavours to the beer. Whether used in aroma additions, dry hopping, or as a showcase in single-hop beers, Ekuanot continues to inspire creativity and innovation in the craft beer industry. Embrace the green spectrum of flavours, experiment with Ekuanot in your brews, and revel in the captivating and unforgettable experience this hop variety brings to your glass. Cheers to the unparalleled versatility and allure of Ekuanot hops!