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Beyond Belgian Ales: Exploring Lesser-Known Beer Styles from Belgium


While Belgian ales like Trappist ales and Saisons often steal the spotlight, Belgium is home to a treasure trove of lesser-known beer styles waiting to be discovered. Join us as we delve into the intriguing world of these hidden gems and uncover the unique flavours and stories that make them so special.

Belgian Gueuze: The Marvel of Lambic Blending

We begin our exploration with the fascinating beer style known as Gueuze. Gueuze is a traditional Belgian blend of young and aged Lambics, which undergo spontaneous fermentation and ageing in oak barrels. This process results in a complex and tart beer with layers of fruity and funky flavours. Gueuze exemplifies the art of blending, as brewers carefully combine Lambics of different ages to achieve the perfect balance of sourness, carbonation, and depth. Discover the magic of Gueuze as you savour its distinctively sour and effervescent character.

Belgian Strong Dark Ale: Bold and Robust Delights

Moving on, we encounter the Belgian Strong Dark Ale, a beer style that showcases the rich brewing traditions of Belgium. These ales are characterized by their deep, dark colours, robust malt profiles, and higher alcohol content. With notes of caramel, dark fruits, and spices, Belgian Strong Dark Ales offer a warming and complex experience. Explore breweries like Rochefort and St. Bernardus to discover these luscious and full-bodied brews that are perfect for sipping on a chilly evening.

Belgian Sour Ales: Unleashing Tartness and Complexity

Belgium is renowned for its wide array of sour beers, which present a unique and acquired taste experience. Sour ales, such as Flanders Red Ale and Oud Bruin, are known for their complex blend of acidity, fruity esters, and oaky notes. These beers often undergo fermentation with specific strains of bacteria and yeast, resulting in a distinct sourness. Explore the enchanting world of Belgian Sour Ales and be captivated by their tangy and intricate profiles that push the boundaries of traditional beer flavours.

Belgian White IPA: Bridging the Gap Between Styles

As the craft beer scene evolves, so do the styles. Belgian White IPA is a delightful fusion of Belgian Witbier and American IPA. It combines the refreshing citrus and spiciness of Witbier with the hop-forward bitterness and fruity aromas of IPA. This hybrid style offers a unique and balanced experience, with a pleasant interplay between the yeast-driven flavours and the hoppy characteristics. Delve into the world of Belgian White IPAs and embrace the harmonious union of two beer cultures.

Belgian Fruit Beers: A Symphony of Fruity Flavors

Belgium is renowned for its innovative use of fruits in brewing, resulting in a range of vibrant and refreshing fruit beers. These beers can feature a variety of fruits, including cherries, raspberries, and peaches, which contribute to their distinctive flavours and aromas. From the cherry-infused Krieks to the raspberry-laden Framboise, Belgian fruit beers offer a symphony of fruity delights. Discover these enticing and quenching brews that perfectly balance the sweetness of the fruit with the complexities of Belgian brewing techniques.

Beyond the well-known Belgian ales, a hidden world of lesser-known beer styles awaits exploration. From the enchanting blends of Gueuze to the boldness of Belgian Strong Dark Ales, and the intriguing complexities of Belgian Sour Ales, these beers showcase the ingenuity and diversity of Belgian brewing. The Belgian White IPAs and Fruit Beers add modern twists to traditional styles, pushing the boundaries of flavour possibilities. Embrace the spirit of adventure and embark on a journey to uncover the remarkable stories and exceptional flavours behind these lesser-known Belgian beer styles. Raise your glass to the uncharted territories of the Belgian beer landscape and toast to the joy of discovery!