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Pedalling Pints: Exploring the Intersection Between Craft Beer and the Tour de France


The Tour de France, the world’s most prestigious cycling event, captures the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. With its exhilarating races and picturesque landscapes, the Tour offers a unique platform for promoting various aspects of culture and lifestyle. In recent years, the connection between craft beer and the Tour de France has grown stronger, captivating enthusiasts on both sides. In this blog, we will delve deeper into the fascinating intersection between these two realms, diving into the history, the shared values, the evolving relationship, and the unique experiences that arise when craft beer meets the Tour de France.

A Historic Journey

The roots of the Tour de France and craft beer extend back through time, each with its own rich history. The Tour, established in 1903, initially aimed to promote the newspaper L’Auto, but it quickly gained momentum as an international cycling event. Similarly, the craft beer movement emerged as a reaction to the mass-produced beers dominating the market, with a focus on quality, tradition, and innovation. As both the Tour and craft beer gained popularity over the years, their paths eventually converged, attracting individuals who appreciate the dedication and craftsmanship behind each.

Shared Values

The Tour de France and the craft beer industry share many common values, which have contributed to their natural affinity. Both celebrate tradition and authenticity, with an emphasis on individuality and passion. Just as cyclists pour their heart and soul into each pedal stroke, craft brewers invest their time, expertise, and creativity into producing unique and flavoursome beers. Moreover, both the Tour and craft beer cultivate a sense of community and camaraderie, fostering connections among enthusiasts, whether it be cheering on riders or sharing a pint at a local brewery. The Tour’s spirit of competition and dedication mirrors the craft beer community’s commitment to excellence.

Beer for the Peloton: Craft Beer and Cycling Culture

The cycling community, including both professional and amateur riders, has embraced craft beer as a post-ride refreshment. Many cyclists appreciate the diverse range of flavours and styles offered by craft breweries, which parallel the diversity of the sport itself. Breweries have also recognised this connection, with some sponsoring cycling teams and events, further intertwining the two cultures. Additionally, cycling-themed beers and collaborations between breweries and cycling brands have gained popularity, allowing fans to enjoy a pint that pays homage to their favourite sport.

Craft beer’s natural connection to cycling culture extends beyond consumption. Breweries have organised cycling events, combining the thrill of cycling with the enjoyment of craft beer. Gran Fondos and beer festivals have become intertwined, offering participants the opportunity to pedal through scenic routes and then relax with a well-deserved beer. These events foster a sense of community, bringing cyclists and beer enthusiasts together to celebrate their shared passions.

Pedalling Through Flavours: Beers Inspired by the Tour de France

The Tour de France, with its route winding through various regions of France, provides an ideal opportunity to explore the country’s vibrant beer scene. Each region boasts its own beer styles, reflecting local ingredients, traditions, and brewing techniques. From the hop-forward IPAs of Alsace to the rich and malty farmhouse ales of the Ardennes, beer enthusiasts can embark on a taste tour paralleling the stages of the Tour de France.

Many breweries have even crafted limited-edition beers to commemorate the race, incorporating elements like local fruits or herbs, and featuring labels adorned with cycling motifs. These beers capture the essence of the Tour, offering fans a tangible way to connect with the event and its surroundings. Whether it’s savouring a crisp and refreshing beer inspired by the Alpine climbs or indulging in a complex brew that pays tribute to the cobbled classics, the flavours of craft beer intertwine with the excitement of the Tour de France.

Cycling and Sipping: Beer Events during the Tour

As the popularity of craft beer has surged, beer-focused events have become an integral part of the Tour de France experience. Numerous pubs, bars, and breweries organise viewing parties, offering live coverage of the race while serving a wide selection of craft beers. These events create an engaging atmosphere, blending the excitement of the race with the conviviality of beer culture.

Some breweries even curate beer and food pairings to enhance the enjoyment of the Tour, allowing fans to indulge in the finer aspects of both cycling and craft beer. From beer dinners featuring regional specialities to beer tastings that highlight flavours from the Tour’s stages, these events elevate the overall experience, offering a sensory journey that combines the thrill of the race with the artistry of brewing.


The intersection between craft beer and the Tour de France is a testament to the power of shared passion and community. As cycling enthusiasts and beer aficionados unite, they create a dynamic space where the love for two seemingly distinct worlds converge. Whether it’s raising a glass to celebrate a stage victory or toasting to the triumph of a personal cycling achievement, the bond between craft beer and the Tour de France remains unbreakable. So, next time you settle down to watch the Tour, grab a cold craft beer and join the global community that bridges the gap between two beloved cultures.

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