Beer: Drygate - Disco Forklift Truck, Pale Ale by IPAokay

Disco Forklift Truck


Mango Pale Ale, 5.1%

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Get ready to groove with Disco Forklift Truck, a Mango Pale Ale with an ABV of 5.1%, brewed by Drygate. This tropical ale brings the dance floor to your taste buds with its fruity vibrancy. Pouring a golden colour with a frothy white head, Disco Forklift Truck releases irresistible aromas of ripe mango, citrus, and a hint of floral hops, including Cascade, Azacca & Ekuanot. Each sip delivers a burst of tropical goodness, with flavours of juicy mango, tangy citrus, and a subtle sweetness. With its medium body and lively carbonation, Disco Forklift Truck invites you to boogie to the mango-infused beat. Let the disco vibes uplift your spirit, let the flavours ignite your groove, and enjoy the mango-infused bliss of Disco Forklift Truck.