Beer: Fourpure - Citrus Double IPA, Double IPA (DIPA) by IPAokay

Citrus Double IPA


Citrus Double IPA, 8.3%

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Experience a citrus explosion with Citrus Double IPA, an intensely flavorful beer with an ABV of 8.3%, skillfully brewed by Fourpure. This bold and hop-forward double IPA showcases the vibrant essence of citrus fruits. Pouring a hazy golden colour with a fluffy white head, Citrus Double IPA releases captivating aromas of grapefruit, orange, and lemon, inviting you to take a sip. Each taste bud-tingling sip unleashes a burst of citrus flavours, with grapefruit zest, juicy orange, and tangy lemon intertwining harmoniously. With its medium body and balanced bitterness, Citrus Double IPA delivers a hoppy and citrusy extravaganza for your palate. Embrace the citrus explosion, relish the hoppy intensity of Citra, Mosaic & Simcoe, and savour the boldness of Citrus Double IPA.