Beer: ShinDigger - Pale Ale, Pale Ale by IPAokay

Pale Ale


Pale Ale, 4.5%

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Pale Ale by Shindigger is a craft beer that offers a refreshing and fruity taste with a hint of citrus. It is inspired by the West Coast styles of brewing that use hops from the American West Coast, such as Amarillo, which give the beer a distinctive flavour and aroma.

Pale Ale by Shindigger is one of the core beers of Shindigger Brewing Co., a Manchester-based brewery that started as a homebrew project by two university students. The brewery aims to make unpretentious beers that are tasty and sessionable, and that can be enjoyed with friends.

It is vegan-friendly and has an alcohol content of 4.5%. Pale Ale by Shindigger is a perfect choice for those who enjoy a crisp and clean pale ale with a burst of orange