Beer: Wild Beer Co - Under The Sun, Hazy IPA by IPAokay

Under The Sun


Hazy IPA, 4.7%

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Under The Sun is a hazy, soft Session IPA with a tropical cocktail of aromas and flavours. It pours a hazy golden colour with a fluffy white head and the aroma is bursting with tropical fruit, with notes of orange, mango, pineapple, and coconut. The taste is smooth and fruity, with a hint of bitterness on the finish. The beer has a moderate body and a silky smooth texture.

It is a refreshing and easy-drinking IPA that is perfect for a sunny day, brewed using a blend of Maris Otter, Golden Promise, and Wheat malts. The hops used in the beer are Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe, which are dry-hopped, meaning that hops are added to the beer after fermentation has finished. This gives the beer even more hop aroma and flavour.

Under The Sun has an ABV of 4.7% and an IBU of 40 and is a great beer for anyone who loves IPAs – fruity, refreshing, and easy to drink. It is perfect for a summer day or any time you are looking for a delicious and flavourful beer.