Beer: Brew York - Tonkoko, Stout by IPAokay



Milk Stout, 4.3%

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

Tonkoko is a milk stout produced by Brew York, a craft brewery situated in York, England. It is a beer that is brewed with a range of ingredients, including coconut, vanilla, cocoa, and Tonka beans, making it a complex and indulgent stout.

Tonka beans are a kind of seed found in South America, and they impart a unique flavour that is similar to vanilla, almond, and cinnamon. The addition of Tonka beans to the brewing process adds complexity to the beer and gives it a creamy mouthfeel and a moderate level of sweetness, balanced by a slight bitterness from the cocoa.

While it may be enjoyable for stout and dessert beer lovers, those who do not enjoy stouts may not appreciate its heavy kick. Tonkoko is brewed with a blend of roasted barley, oats, and wheat, providing it with a deep and rich colour.

Coconut is added during the brewing process, imparting a subtle sweetness and tropical aroma. Vanilla and cocoa are added after brewing, creating a chocolatey flavour, whilst the Tonka beans are added towards the end of the brewing process, resulting in a complex and distinctive flavour that may not be to everyone’s liking.

While Tonkoko can be enjoyed alone, it is best paired with desserts or chocolate due to its smooth and creamy mouthfeel. It’s complex flavour profile may also make it a good beer to pair with a range of foods, but it may not be the preferred choice for everyone.