Beer: North Brew Co - Triple Fruited Gose, Gose by IPAokay

Triple Fruited Gose


Tayberry, Cherry & Blackcurrant Gose, 4.6%

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Triple Fruited Gose is a Tayberry, Cherry & Blackcurrant Gose with an ABV of 4.6%, brewed by North Brew Co. The Gose is a sour beer style that originated in Germany and is characterized by its salty flavour.

The Tayberry, Cherry & Blackcurrant Gose is a modern twist on the traditional Gose. It is a fruit-forward beer with a balanced tartness and saltiness. The Tayberry, Cherry & Blackcurrant flavours give the beer a fruity aroma and a vivid colour, and is an a growing popular choice among beer lovers.

The North Brew Co. is a craft brewery based in Leeds, UK. They specialize in brewing modern and innovative beers that are inspired by traditional styles. The brewery is known for its creativity and experimentation, which is reflected in the Tayberry, Cherry & Blackcurrant Gose. The beer is brewed with high-quality ingredients and is carefully crafted to achieve the perfect flavour profile. It is a refreshing and flavourful beer that is perfect for any occasion.

Overall, the Tayberry, Cherry & Blackcurrant Gose is a unique and delicious beer – Its fruity flavour and vibrant colour make it stand out from other beers, while its sourness and saltiness make it a true Gose. Whether you are a seasoned beer drinker or just starting out, the Tayberry, Cherry & Blackcurrant Gose is a must-try beer that you won’t regret.