Beer: Aldi - Loose Head, Pale Ale by IPAokay

Loose Head


Pale Ale, 4%

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

“Loose Head” is a refreshing English-style pale ale produced by The Hop Foundry, exclusively for Aldi Stores in the UK. With an ABV of 4%, this beer is a light and easy-drinking option for those who enjoy a fruity and citrusy flavour profile. The aroma is dominated by fruity notes, such as tropical and citrus fruits, and the beer pours a golden colour with a slight haze.

Upon the first sip, one is immediately hit by the refreshing and crisp character of the beer, with a subtle sweetness in the aftertaste. The use of English hops in the brewing process results in a well-balanced bitterness that complements the fruity flavours. The carbonation is light, which enhances the beer’s refreshing nature and makes it easy to drink.