Beer: BrewDog - Grind, Stout by IPAokay



Coffee Stout , 6%

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Savour the bold and caffeinated world of Grind, a Coffee Stout boasting an ABV of 6%, crafted by BrewDog Brewery in collaboration with Grind Coffee. This beer invites you to indulge in the rich complexity of coffee flavours while enjoying the artistry of brewing. As you pour it into your glass, the beer’s dark hue and inviting aroma set the stage for a flavourful-tasting journey. The aroma is an enticing blend of roasted coffee beans, dark chocolate, and a hint of caramel, evoking the essence of your favourite coffee shop. Each sip is a journey through layers of coffee richness, with espresso notes and a touch of cocoa dancing on your palate. The complexity of this brew creates a satisfying experience that leaves you with a sense of warmth and comfort. The mouthfeel is smooth and velvety, enhancing the overall sensory journey and inviting you to savour the moment. Grind is a tribute to coffee enthusiasts and the joy of discovering new dimensions of flavour. Whether you’re pairing it with breakfast or seeking a moment of caffeinated delight, let this Coffee Stout be your companion on a flavourful journey of pure indulgence.


Feat. Grind Coffee

Grind Coffee, a renowned British coffee brand has carved a distinct niche in the world of artisanal coffee. Founded in 2011 by David Abrahamovitch and Kaz James, Grind Coffee stands out for its commitment to delivering exceptional coffee experiences. This brand has become synonymous with the bustling cafe culture of London and has expanded its presence beyond the UK capital. Its success can be attributed to a dedication to quality at every step of the coffee-making process. They source their beans from the world’s best coffee-growing regions, ensuring a rich and diverse flavour profile. The beans are then carefully roasted to perfection, bringing out the unique characteristics of each origin.