Beer: Kirkstall - Virtuous, Session IPA by IPAokay



Aromatic Session IPA, 4.5%

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Virtuous by Kirkstall is an Aromatic Session IPA that’s sure to win over craft beer enthusiasts. With a modest ABV of 4.5%, it’s the perfect brew for those looking to enjoy a flavoursome, yet approachable drinking experience. Kirkstall’s passion shines through in Virtuous, showcasing the best of hop-forward flavours in an easy-to-love package.

When you pour Virtuous into your glass, you’re greeted with a beautiful golden colour and a frothy white head that just begs to be tasted. The aromas that hit your nose are absolutely tantalising. Think citrus, tropical fruits, and a touch of floral hops—pure beer heaven.

The first sip of Virtuous is a revelation. Kirkstall has nailed the balance of flavours here. You’ll get a delightful blend of hoppy goodness that’s neither overpowering nor too subtle. It’s just right. Imagine savouring the notes of grapefruit and pineapple, with a subtle bitterness that ties it all together.

But what really sets Virtuous apart is its light body and crisp finish. You can enjoy the bold, exciting flavours of an IPA without feeling weighed down. It’s the kind of beer that keeps the session going strong. So, whether you’re kicking back after a long day or hanging out with mates, Virtuous is there to elevate the experience.

Embrace the virtue of balance, celebrate the hoppy delights, and savour every moment with Virtuous. Kirkstall has crafted a brew that captures the essence of session IPA while remaining utterly enjoyable. So grab a glass, take a sip, and let Virtuous transport you to beer bliss.