Beer: Twisted Wheel - Sub Culture, Lager by IPAokay

Sub Culture


Session Lager, 4.5%

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of session lagers with Sub Culture, an extraordinary creation by the highly skilled brewers at Twisted Wheel. This meticulously crafted Session Lager, boasting an impressive ABV of 4.5%, invites you to fully embrace its unmatched flavours. Embark on a journey of refined taste as you appreciate the artistry behind these delectable and invigorating sessionable brews. As it gracefully cascades into your glass, this radiant golden elixir reveals a luxurious frothy white head, while subtle hints of delicate florals and grains captivate your senses, resulting in an unparalleled drinking experience.

The first sip of this remarkable beverage reveals a refreshing and pure taste, adorned with a gentle sweetness derived from its delicate malt. Moreover, a subtle hint of bitterness derived from carefully chosen hops adds a delightful dimension to the overall flavour profile. Its lightweight body and velvety texture make Sub Culture an excellent choice for relaxed occasions and convivial get-togethers. By embracing the concept of easy drinking, Sub Culture is destined to satisfy your longing for a satisfying quaff. So, seize the opportunity, raise your glass, and let the remarkable Sub Culture appease your thirst for an unforgettable experience.