Beer: I.B.U - New England IPA, New England IPA by IPAokay

New England IPA


Vegan New England IPA, 6.8%

Rating: 3 out of 5.

North Brewing Co. collaborated with The Piggy Brewing Co. and I.B.U. Bar to create this New England IPA that offers a juicy and fruity experience. It pours a hazy golden colour with a white head that dissipates quickly. The aroma is dominated by tropical fruits like mango, passion fruit, and pineapple, with hints of citrus and pine in the background. The taste follows the aroma, with a burst of juicy fruits and a subtle sweetness that balances out the bitterness. The mouthfeel is smooth and creamy, with a medium body and a moderate level of carbonation.

Overall, this North x The Piggy Brewing Co. x I.B.U. Bar New England IPA is a delicious and refreshing beer that showcases the best of juicy and fruity hops. The collaboration between these three breweries resulted in a well-crafted beer that is sure to please IPA lovers. It’s a great option for those who enjoy a flavorful and easy-to-drink beer that doesn’t compromise on taste.