Beer: Play Brew - Melon Fizz, Berliner Weisse by IPAokay

Melon Fizz


Watermelon Berliner Weisse, 3.8%

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Melon Fizz, a Watermelon Berliner Weisse brewed by Play Brew Co, is a refreshing and fruity beer with an alcohol percentage of 3.8%. This Berliner Weisse showcases the flavours of watermelon, providing a juicy and thirst-quenching taste experience. It pours a hazy pale pink colour with a fluffy white head that dissipates quickly. The aroma is filled with notes of ripe watermelon, citrus, and a hint of tartness. Upon tasting, Melon Fizz delivers a burst of watermelon flavours accompanied by a subtle sourness. The beer has a light body and a crisp, dry finish, leaving a refreshing sensation on the palate. Play Brew Co demonstrates their skill in brewing fruit-infused Berliner Weisse with Melon Fizz, offering a beer that is perfect for hot summer days or anytime you crave a revitalizing beverage. Whether you’re a fan of watermelon or simply looking for a fruity and enjoyable beer, Melon Fizz is sure to quench your thirst and provide a delightful drinking experience.