Beer: North Brew Co - Lost Cosmonauts, Double Dry-Hopped IPA (DDH IPA) by IPAokay

Lost Cosmonauts

Double Dry-Hopped IPA, 6%

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Embark on a celestial hop journey with Lost Cosmonauts, a Double Dry-Hopped IPA with an ABV of 6%, thoughtfully brewed by North Brew Co. This IPA blasts off with an explosion of hop flavours and aromas, offering a stellar beer experience. Pouring a hazy golden colour with a frothy white head, Lost Cosmonauts releases captivating aromas of tropical fruits, citrus zest, and a touch of pine. The first sip unfolds a cosmic symphony of flavours, with juicy mango, zesty grapefruit, and resinous pine taking your taste buds to new heights. With its medium body and balanced bitterness, Lost Cosmonauts offers an intergalactic hop adventure. Embrace the cosmic journey, explore the hop flavours, and enjoy the interstellar delight of Lost Cosmonauts.