Beer: Drygate - Kelvin, Lager by IPAokay



Golden Lager, 4%

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Kelvin Pilsner, crafted by the esteemed Dry Gate Brewery, is a splendid representation of the classic Pilsner style with its own unique twist. As per your preference, I’ll make sure to mention the hops in this description.

This exceptional brew pours a crystal-clear golden hue with a frothy white head that entices you to take your first sip. True to its Pilsner roots, Kelvin boasts a crisp and clean aroma with just a hint of malt sweetness, while the hops, though less pronounced than in an IPA, contribute a subtle floral and herbal note, giving it a distinctly British character.

On the palate, Kelvin Pilsner shines with a well-balanced profile. The malt backbone provides a gentle sweetness that’s complemented by a subtle hop bitterness. The hops, in line with your request, play a supporting role here, adding a pleasant earthy and herbal character that lingers in the background without overpowering the beer’s overall harmony.

What sets Kelvin apart is its remarkable drinkability. It’s a refreshing and sessionable beer that’s perfect for sipping on a warm day or enjoying with friends at your favourite pub. The finish is clean and dry, leaving you with a desire for another sip.