Beer: BrewDog - Hazy Jane Guava, Hazy IPA by IPAokay

Hazy Jane Guava


Guava Hazy IPA, 5%

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Hazy Jane Guava by Brewdog is a compelling fusion of New England-style hazy IPA and tropical flavours that take your taste buds to the tropics. This hazy IPA undergoes a juicy makeover, cranking up the intensity of exotic fruits to create a truly vibrant and refreshing beer experience.

At the forefront of Hazy Jane Guava is the star ingredient, guava, which takes the lead with its distinct and luscious flavour profile. As you indulge in this tropical brew, you’ll also discover delightful notes of pineapple, mango, and stone fruits that follow closely behind, adding layers of complexity and further enhancing the tropical essence.

To achieve its signature hazy appearance and silky-smooth mouthfeel, Hazy Jane Guava is brewed with a blend of oats and wheat, imparting a velvety texture that complements the fruit-forward flavours. By leaving the beer unfiltered, Brewdog ensures that every sip is a fruity and smooth experience, with no compromise on the flavours that make this beer truly special.

Hazy Jane Guava strikes a perfect balance

With an ABV of 5%, Hazy Jane Guava strikes a perfect balance between a sessionable beer and a burst of tropical goodness. It’s the kind of beer that can be savoured on a sunny afternoon or shared among friends, offering a refreshing and flavourful escape.

Brewed with water, malted barley, torrified wheat, yeast, malted oats, hops, natural guava flavouring, and lactose (milk), Hazy Jane Guava boasts a carefully crafted ingredient list that contributes to its exceptional taste and texture. It’s worth noting that this beer is not suitable for vegans due to the inclusion of lactose.

In terms of appearance, Hazy Jane Guava showcases a rich and inviting colour, thanks to the use of malts such as Carapils, Malted Oats, Pale Ale, and Torrified Wheat. This combination of malts adds depth and character to the beer while maintaining its hazy and unfiltered aesthetic.

Hazy Jane Guava is a tropical twist on the classic IPA style, offering a juicy and fruit-forward experience that transports you to a sun-soaked paradise. With its vibrant flavours and smooth texture, it’s a beer that captures the essence of the tropics in every sip.

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