Beer: BrewDog - Candy Kittens, New England IPA by IPAokay

Candy Kittens


Raspberry & Guava New England IPA, 6%

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

BrewDog has collaborated with Candy Kittens, a renowned sweets brand, to create its latest beer. This beverage pays homage to the brand’s gourmet gummies and is packed with flavour, much like the original candy. Upon pouring, this IPA presents a vivid pink hue and an enticing aroma of tropical guava and ripe raspberry. Its full-bodied and smooth mouthfeel is accompanied by a low bitterness and a fresh hop finish, with an ABV of 6%. It is a true testament to the art of confectionery-inspired brewing that is sure to satisfy any sweet-toothed beer lover.